Why are you here?

ONE IN FIVE Australians experience mental illness each year.

Most don’t seek help. Self doubt and shame are debilitating lives.

We have a chance to create a world where it’s ok to not feel ok.

A safe place to be vulnerable, to connect with ourselves. 


How it works

We are designing an app to bring you back to the present by offering a unique challenge or rethinking exercise, to connect you closer to yourself and your world. Over time, Here provides insights that increase your self-awareness.

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Just like a close friend, we ask how are you doing? With a few quick taps, we can understand how you’re feeling and what’s influencing it.

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Next we present a challenge unique to you. Sometimes that’s an activity, other times it’s a rethinking exercise. Our challenges grow as you do.

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We give you insights to help illuminate your life today, to help you live a happier tomorrow.

Wherever you go, there you are
— Why are you here?

We're building 

We are just starting our journey to build Here. If you’re excited about what we’re doing and want to be involved, we’d love you to join us. 

We are here


Mental Health in Australia

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